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o afrofuturismo começou com gilberto gil na música expresso 2222, espalhem

Imagens de dor e sofrimento:

Desde ontem e ainda não consegui descobrir qual é a palavra

Stranger Things - Episode 7 

Well, though it was *really* nice to have some explanation on how the Upside Down works and see Eleven's background at the Hawkins Lab, I found the explanation behind Vecna and One, was not good.

Stranger Things - Episode 6 

Really, why the fuck didn't Steve just go back thru the portal again instead of staying there watching those things coming in his direction?

Really, if they kill Steve I'll be *so pissed*

I really want to scream so that everyone hears me that, yes, people are still making NES games, and yes, they are actually good games, and yes, there are people buying and playing them.

I really ought to get around to writing that blog post about the second reNESansce we're living through. The combined years of #NESdev research are really coming to fruition in modern times.

Oh, and if any of this sounds like any techbros you've seen, that's because it is the same shit.
De-platform nazis, always. De-federate anyone who lets fascists speak.

It's the oldest trick in the book, it works, and it's been a vital part of the freedom of speech from the start.

Sweden formed laws against hate speech in 1949. That's a few years after WWII, as you'll notice.

At that time, most other countries had anti-nazi laws. Sweden refused to establish any such laws, and pointed at Freedom of speech.

Now, since it was allowed to print nazi propaganda in Sweden, a lot of people started doing that, and then mailing the stuff abroad.
Other countries, who were more anti-nazi, didn't like this. They put pressure on Sweden, and we got our laws against hate speech.

Those laws exist because Sweden was a beacon of Nazi propaganda, and other countries put pressure on us.


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How did we get here?
- Traditional distros didn't really provide a way to "work on" development libraries
- Language-specific tools like virtualenv, npm, etc exploded
- Combining these things became so difficult that binary black box solutions like Docker, Flathub, etc took off
- Web 2.0 happened, lots of software *using* FOSS became aimed at *not for end users*

This is *one half* of what has really resulted in a lot of "the developer knows best" kind of mindset which cuts out the user.

Part of why I advocate Guix so hard.

I really like software that encourages the user to learn, to get involved, to feel empowered to explore and participate. We need more of that.

Stranger Things - Episode 5 

Hm, that was a weird episode. I'm not really liking how Dustin is being mean to Steve all of the sudden though.

He's nice to everyone, protects everyone, and actually pays attention to their problems (remember Max at the cemetery? Dustin and Erica at the Mall?) and they all just don't really care about him anymore.

I also didn't really like how Jonathan looks kinda dumber now.

And lastly, seeing Eleven past is really nice and Mike + Will relationship getting back

I think one of the most precious things about FOSS is that it doesn't offer you the solutions to problems, but gives you the tools. If it's broken, open an issue, or better yet: fix it yourself! If you don't like something, patch it out for your use case.

FOSS can't offer you solutions, you'll have to dig that with us, collectively, and yes, you may need to leave your comfort zone, and maybe some stuff will not work from day one, but we're in this together.

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That doesn't mean you can't complain tho. You can and should. But be advised that you are most likely shouting out to the wind.

And *don't* give me that "oh but the UX is better" because honestly, at what cost?

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Apparently, Apple stopped updating computers which has more than six years old.

I know that some people /need/ to use Apple for work but honestly, if you are still buying Macbooks and stuff like that *because* you want it to, well, then your just reaping what you sow.

There are many other OSes out there that you choose not to use (or work with it to improve, something you'll never be able to do with proprietary platforms).

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