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This week I have discovered that even though MongoDB 4.0 supports multi-documents transactions, it actually needs a replica set or to have sharding enabled. Of course this is nowhere mentioned on their docs.


Did you know it's Bandcamp Friday?

:flan_shout: GO GIVE ARTISTS MONEY ​

(If you're looking for something new, I just found and have been really enjoying

Ghost has the most confusing and poor documentation about its own framework. It literally gives you some advice and then point you to read handlebars documentation.

It doesn't tell you about the innermost of how the fuck their shitty framework does what it does

Cast your fucking gold on free software if you want to be "a home for free software".

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Fucking cowards pretending to care about free software while keep using closed platforms.

Free software infrastructure should use free software (as much as possible).

That makes the ecosystem flourish, signal that you do care about free software and not only want to ride the free software bus and get the goodies from it.

looking forward to another year of IRC being the best multi-user chat protocol by far

> I'm a developer, I need coffee!

*my eyes roll so hard that I can see my brain*

A general tip: do the most basic stuff once and right.

Doesn't need to have shinning things, or be pretty. Just need to work correct, have a decent API, and tests.

Cover the most basic aspects first, do NOT try to be clever, just simplify and do the thing you need.

The polish part should always come after.

"Published" apkbuilder, which I'm using to build/deploy Alpine packages to my third-party infra:

> As well as cancelling his Spotify subscription and taking down most of his music catalogue, [Sameer Gupta is] now encouraging others to do the same by offering a 95-percent discount on his "entire Bandcamp" to "anyone else who is cancelling their Spotify." "This has been a long time coming anyway but the Spotify CEO's desire to invest in war AI tech was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back," Gupta told RA.


Jesus, every software I have used today is broken

On this meantime I was absent from here I've:

- wrote (and got merged) my first patch in months
- watched chernobyl (again) and besides being a pretty series, the plot/inaccuracies are pretty boring
- watched stalker and listened to two episodes of weird studies on the matter

I have a after-work meeting practically everyday.

Today is a day that I don't have anything scheduled and I'm pretty happy about it.

I honestly don't even know what should I use this time for

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