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Just released hidrocor 🎉

Which is a tiny, markdown-based "wiki engine". Useful for hosted and simple/barebones documentation sites

Every single day that I have to open Skype to talk to someone, it becomes a bad day instantly

The amount of work you need to do to simply set a custom content type is amazing

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Comprehensive list of decent go http frameworks:

- go-chi
- net/http

I really wish OSS communities would stop defaulting to Discord or Slack. Your software isn’t a lifestyle. I don’t want to live with the goddamn thing. I want a forum I can visit once in a while, not to take out an attention mortgage.


“It was slavery that I hate it not it’s mere incidents” -

Fredrick Douglass


ok i think i’m ready to launch my side-project. i’ve been building for the better part of a week or so.

it’s an email-based bookmarking service – you send an email to with a link in the body, and you get a readable, clutter-free version sent to your inbox.

there are firefox and chrome plugins that you can use to send your current tab to forlater.

i’ve been dogfooding it while building it and it’s super handy. i have a filter to route all mail coming from to a folder called “Read Later”.

more at!

(attached is how it renders on Fair Email mobile)

Everyday is the right day to abandon all and run to the woods

/me deep into a mix of Chromium, X11 and input method editors debugging session

Maybe I should reconsider my life choices.

#OtD 22 Sep 1962 Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini punched a fascist who had confronted him outside the premiere for his film, Mamma Roma. Pasolini's radical politics and openness about his homosexuality made him a frequent target of the right.

Vocês conhecem a história dos bento 弁当, vulgo "marmitinha japonesa"? Apesar de ser bem conhecido pelo Japão, a pratica é também usada em outros países como Taiwan e Coréia.

A origem do bento vem do século 12, durante o período Kamakura. O arroz cozido era carregado em sacos juntos com outra comida. Somente no séculos 16 que começaram a ser utilizadas caixas de madeira para isso.

Durante o período Edo 1603~1867 a cultura do bento ficou mais popular e obteve significado além do para alimentação.

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