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The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Chile

On a dark and gloomy day, rushing for a release while (re)writing react components

After Alpine Linux, Debian is the only distro I would pick for a server

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This logic analyzer is old as hell but still works. my other hp broke. Found this one, its very limited but it still works!

I think that people largely forget that a forge (i.e. somewhere you thrown your code on it) should be a read-only experience.

The interactiveness of it, should happen on open protocols (and therefore on any medium you want) like email.

Woke up, other ear is also fucked now. Scheduling an appointment with a specialist today to check on both ears.

Fucking. HELL

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Updates on ear situation (otitis)

Still clogged, still hurting, but waaaay less than before.

Supposedly I need to take antibiotics until Saturday. I'm feeling kind of weird though, little feverishly, sometimes it hurts both ears, and sometimes it hurts like shit, then stops

At the root of our disposability culture is the belief that our stuff depreciates as soon as we touch it.

all-caps shouting 


If you do feature-branches, then before saying that it's ready, squash those sweet commits, rebase it, test again and then ask for a code review.

Is really that simple

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