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Essa menina mulher da pele preta, não está me deixando dormir sossegado

Brazilian Portuguese > Castellano > European Spanish > European Portuguese > Italian > English

This is the reason why: the keyboard is on the center, and the little pad thingy below the monitor is on the left now

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Updated my desk, moved my desktop case to below the table, feeling that I have more space and can sit properly now

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Ok, after a whole day using two monitors, I... kind of liked

>"Interested in Infosec" on his bio
>Has a toot saying it can't install "PHP 7" and ranting against openBSD


Tonight I ported 's Uxn VM to the MegaGRRL hardware (my ESP32-powered VGM player). Seemed like it would be fun, and it was :)

Here is a little demo...

Had to lower the screen resolution (not enough RAM for full screen framebuffers!), but it has sound, output through the YM2612's DAC register. D-pad emulates a mouse. Also had to do a bodge to the drum-rack example to get it working on the lower resolution.

- "We will need at least three months of work for this be in a good shape"

- "But that's too much!"

- "Ok, one month but it'll be ready on the third"

I don't give a fuck about self-driving cars.

I want free, public, A+ quality transport for everyone and cities that don't project mobility as "having a car"

My linode bucket for this instance media and temporary files have already accumulated 60GB

I literally have spent more time in meetings today than the sum of time spent doing other tasks.


Man pages are excellent documentation because (among other reasons) they let me view docs without breaking my flow. I can look up a command from the same terminal I'm using to type the command.

(For some reason, info doesn't have the same flow. I don't know why; maybe because it needs a second navigation mechanism (click on a link vs type 'man <cmd>') and that's too much friction for me.)


So once I had a job interview where a large part of it was, "here's a computer, write a program that does X." They warned me of this in advance and asked which toolset I'd prefer to use.

I said C and Linux running Emacs (I got a Mac, which was close enough). I chose C instead of one of the scripting languages because I knew the core libs would have man pages while the scripting languages didn't guarantee offline docs, something I wasn't allowed to have.

I got the job, BTW.

To fine a trillion-dollar company in the “millions of dollars” is to legitimise their business model.

@chjara @io it works really well for me though!

but just, what the fuck is going on in the free software community? google sabotaging linux in general, attempts at cancelling people who have done more for free software than anybody else, some coke-sniffing californian killing freenode, this shit with the LAC, then audacity

are we all failing to stand up to schoolyard bullies?
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