E já que estamos no tema EBOOK...

eu diagramei e produzi todos os ebooks do projeto Literatura Livre que saiu pelo Sesc SP.

São 14 livros bilíngues em formato EPUB, MOBI(Amazon/Kindle) e PDF. São livros de domínio público traduzidos para o projeto.

E todos gratuitos.


clipman just borked itself

Had to remove the clipman.json file, kill the old process and it magically recovered itself.

How can a normie use a computer, I really don't know.

The pain of using vim/emacs is always knowing there is probably a perfect sequence of shortcuts to do exactly what you want but not knowing what they are.

Today has been the most productive day for a while.

Almost zero meetings (except with the new guy) and even left time to actually write some code

Uber Eats encerra atividades no Brasil um dia depois que foi sancionada lei de auxílio aos motoboys que contrairam Covid.

Se Paulo Guedes decretar a volta da escravidão a Uber reativa o serviço e as ações sobem.

Isso é o mercado bruto em estado puro.

Had one of the worst marijuana bad trips earlier this monday.

The reason that the West must accuse #China of doing horrible things (like genociding a whole race of people) is because it's a trump card in discourse. Whenever someone brings up any of China's achievements, they can simply point to their accusation and say "at what cost". This gives them free reign to cast China as the villain no matter what happens, and absolves themselves of any pressures to emulate any good that China is doing, because in the narrative they created, China can never be good.

Being organized/building a organization is like: being at a meeting at 8h30pm, after waking up at 6am to go to a protest.

@variance seems hard to believe that the bass pro people built it them selves given how undeveloped they are. it was probably aliens

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