I have no words to express how much I love this machine.

Despite having a @tails sticker on it, it runs Alpine Linux with Sway.

It's such a lightweight, stable and reliable machine and I honestly love it so much

Spent these two days chilling and reading Desperation from Stephen King, and boy, I need to say, what a fucking amazing book.

I hate reading on my Kindle, but this one is worth it!

Socialists countries want to implement a "1984 dystopian society in our present day".

Meanwhile Twitter and the "land of freedom"

This is the reason why: the keyboard is on the center, and the little pad thingy below the monitor is on the left now

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I use both, mostly paper for small reminders, todo lists or scribbling stuff, and t (the tool I wrote) to write long notes, blog posts or anything more complex.

By far the thing I use the most is paper though.

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The extremes are violent and disgusting! The only way to do politics is if it is the middle ground:

Spent all dawn reading Mark Fisher.

He has some really good takes, and very simple to understand as well

Made some focaccia bread today.

Different recipe. Took longer than the usual time. I need to improve seasoning tho.

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