"Let's use pdf instead of HTML because the web is bloated"

dude, gemini is *right there*

@eletrotupi Can’t we have both?

Is the attention it has brought to the issue without value? Can it reach people with use cases that Gemini can’t/won’t? I feel the worst thing we can do is to tell folks who genuinely care about the problem and are exploring alternatives that they need to toe a line. We were on the receiving end of that when we first started and let me tell you it wasn’t fun. It’s fine to hypothesise. It’s fine to experiment. It’s fine to throw ideas out there and to play :)


@aral Yeah, we can. I'm calling the attention to the fact that there are open source, collaborative efforts to solve some of these problems right now, and in my humble opinion, Gemini does solve a lot of these while being really simple, both to implement and use.

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