Whenever I encounter someone whinning about some supposedly lack of organization on 'the left', I always like to question wether they are organized or not, mostly due to the fact that it takes a lot of discipline to be actively organized. Not only that, it takes a huge amount of time, because you're dealing with people, you need to do things transparently, publicly and in a way that people can follow and know what's happening, and that demands talking with people, constantly.

I have never been busier since I joined my party and started to actively participating in their collectives. I've realized that you either (1) have a steady demand of work to do, and few people disciplined enough to do the tasks at hand or (2) few stuff to do, but also few people with free time to do those things

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People are busy, people don't usually just work 9to5 and then have free time. They have lives, they have needs, and you can just demand they constantly sacrifice their personal demands over the organization. Also, people messed up things, some lack experience, others just aren't that commited to the work it needs, even though they believe on your values/mission.

You have to find the middle-ground and that's tough, it takes time, it takes effort, and not only from you, but from everyone envolved.

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