Updated my gemini capsule with the small backlog of English articles I have written 🎉


"I don't want to be a tech lead anymore"

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Also, refactored/structured most of my MPD frontend into something that resembles an minimal decent C software and not just shove it all into a file and let it work

I *literally* woke up earlier just so I could code some C today

If you're worried about your productivity during the last year of pandemic, remember that Shakespear wrote King Lear during the plague and it sucked shit. Don't worry about it.

Can anyone recommend a peertube instance that isn't full of conspiracy crap or spam from other instances for my leftist lets play channel?

I usually don't like docker, but folks at work are moving towards it anyway.

We have two applications, both are rails, and one works as an SSO/OAuth.

Would nomad/consul help to connect and automatize those two services?

oh you wrote the primary tool for rooting android systems for the past few years? yeah you're hired! also you're not allowed to work on that anymore but we won't tell you that until after you signed the contract.

figured out a way to dump and modify the microcode in older intel cpus, and have your eye on newer ones? hired! and now you have to sign an nda and can't talk about our microcode anymore!

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concerning to me how companies are successfully stopping people who figure out how their hardware works and how to make it do "unintended" things, by hiring them

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